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How you can keep your home and business safe during the COVID-19 pandemic?

The rapid spread of the coronavirus in San Antonio is dangerous. The number of cases increases day by day. The overall situation is not good. though the government and authorities are taking proper actions. still, there are some basic responsibilities on the publics’ end.

To get rid of this bad situation we need to play our role as well. We encourage you not to live with this fear. Instead, make you’re surrounding disinfected from coronavirus. Live a healthy and panic-free life by using our effective disinfecting solutions.

Precautionary Disinfection Services in San Antonio

Taking preventive measures is necessary to avoid disease contamination. Precautionary San Antonio disinfection services is introduced to make your premise virus-free even before it reports any pandemic case. By this process risk of cross-contamination can be lower down.

    • Carried out on-premises with no confirmed or suspected cases of COVID-19.
    • A site survey is not required.
    • Our specialist gives a quick response to your query.
    • The main objective of the precautionary disinfection service is to keep your place healthy and hygienic.

Intermediate disinfection service

After any suspected case of infection, your company will remain close for about 72 hours as per government orders. It is observed that the amount of virus remains active for 72 hours on any contaminated surface. later it significantly decreases.

    • Ultra-low volume fogging machines are used to disinfect the complete area.
    • Along with ULV fogging technique manual disinfection is also considered.
    • intermediate disinfection includes disinfecting switchboards, remotes, taps,
    • we are aimed to resume working on an immediate basis.
    • A clearance report stating the area healthy and hygienic is generated after a survey

High-Level disinfection services

It is highly recommended for the areas with multiple confirmed cases of Covid-19. This service includes site surveys from our senior experts to make sure about all the safety measures

    • High-level Disinfection Services in San Antonio will be carried out within 72 hours of a confirmed or suspected case on site.
    • Manual disinfection includes strong disinfectants to kill thousands of microbes in seconds.
    • The process includes detailed inspections and disinfection of the affected area.
    • Disinfectants will not leave any strong smell.
    • Post service report generated.

Our professional wear full-body PPE that includes gloves, coverall hazmat suit, masks, shoe coverings. Strong and WHO-approved disinfectant sprays are used to prevent microbes and bacteria to leach onto the surface of your home or business. Sprays and wipes allow bacteria and viruses to lose their power and effectiveness.